Friday, April 3, 2015

Getting By in New Haven

A couple of fellas seen putting cans into a shopping cart on Park Street today revealed just why they do it: to make a few more dollars, to pay off bills, for clothes. They also reveal what they're not willing to do: beg for money. Real people, willing to work, looking for jobs, struggling.

While New Haven retains status as the Greatest Small City in America, we also carry along with it the responsibility of making the area better not just for the few, but for everyone; not just for a handful selected people.Society is connected, regardless of socioeconomic status, by the geographic area which is shared by people. It becomes important to recognize the existence and the lives (and the struggles) of those who are trying their best to survive and thrive in what could be considered a difficult environment.

While the U.S. economy has improved considerably in the past few years and the unemployment rate has dropped steadily, the question is where these positions fit in for local residents who are looking for labor. Skills, particularly in the trades, could be improved; thankfully in New Haven, there are a number of educational institutions which could prove to be useful.