Monday, February 23, 2015

Portal to Tehran at Yale Art Gallery

A Portal
Special Delivery on Chapel Street. It looks like a storage container, it's painted gold, and it's ostentatiously displayed prominently in front of the Yale Art Gallery.

No, they haven't run out of room for amazing art inside of the Gallery at 1111 Chapel Street; they're just making room for more of it out front. In this case, the art on display inside the container is the juxtaposition of peoples' lives across the world.

Shared Studios is the creation of Amar Bakshi, a perfect balance of artist and inventor who studies law here in New Haven at Yale and is also the founding director of The Legal Medium.

A wormhole (source: Space.Com)
Amar comes from an interesting place, and he devised perhaps an even more interesting idea. 

He makes wormholes. In this case, like the image in this article, one side (Blue) could be here, and Yellow (top) could be there. For some reason humankind is warped, like space, creating separate realities in places which technically exist in the folds of the same fabric of time in different parts around the world.

"I made a friend today," said one participant. "That was amazing."

To understand fully, you should really watch the video that Shared Studios created which explains the experience in more detail. 

Nhv.Org would have recommended that you make an appointment, but the project is booked for the dutation of the exhibit, which will run from now until March 1, 2015
How Amar intends to use his law degree to further his efforts in reshaping the world is something only a creative imagination could conceivably comprehend. Watch them install at 111 Chapel Street:
If you'd like to know more about Shared Studios, you should also watch this too.