Monday, January 26, 2015

NHV TTP Discusses Storm Preparedness

Douglas Hausladen, Director of Transportation, Traffic and Parking hosted a live chat event.

"We've bought 8 new trucks so that our 21 out of 22 snow routes have heavy machinery on their routes. What we did last year was we had taken our small trucks and put them on the 'big truck' routes in order to accomplish that. So what we have this year is we have 21 out of 22 snow routes that are filled by DPW heavy machinery equipment. The one remaining snow route is going to be covered by a contractor. In addition to that, we've stepped up our communications of course, you're actually witnessing part of that communication.

"Just Friday night, when this storm was supposed to be light rain on Tuesday, I was talking with the head of our evening supervisors, and he said that he was receiving a lot of positive feedback on Grand Avenue, and Whalley Avenue from our businesses. Tonight, the early indication is that Whalley Avenue is clear of cars and we are doubling our efforts in our PA system in our notifications to make sure that Grand Ave and Ferry St. and other snow routes know that we're coming."

You can stay in touch with when these events are happening in the future by keeping tabs on the official Twitter account from that department.