Saturday, January 10, 2015

Geolocating Best Sledding Spots: Advanced Strategy

This is perhaps the only site on the internet where if you search the term "sledding" you'll get all of the most comprehensive information about where the best places in this area are if you would like to go sledding on a snowy day.

Presently with the light dusting we had yesterday, this isn't enough to actually go sledding. On a decent day where accumulations meet or exceed 6" this becomes the point in which sledding becomes viable. On beast days where snowfall exceeds 1' or more, this makes it possible to take on some of the bigger challenges in downhill back country in the area (locations are marked on the map). Now is the time to do some planning, so maybe there are some locations you hadn't heard of nor previously considered.

Below there's a map. Inside of the map on the St. Ronan / Div School hill location, there's an embedded video made by Rob, a coach at Coginchaug in Durham, who lives in East Rock. Also featured in the video is Grayson Hartley, who was a farmer in Litchfield County. Back in 2011, they built a giant ski jump at the Saint Ronan sledding location mentioned on the map. The trajectory of the ramp allowed skilled riders to clear small people walking along the staircased path buried beneath the snow which winds around the hill. There's also some footage of back country East Rock snowboarding in there as well.