Tuesday, September 23, 2014

About New Haven Farms

About New Haven Farms from New Haven, Connecticut on Vimeo.

New Haven Farms is more than just an agricultural endeavor.

The farm works with the Yale School of Public Health to determine the effects of dietary changes on individuals who have experienced health problems. The study is based an endeavor from the National Institute of Health. Participants in the program say that their health has improved from the changes in their diet. Molly, the community liaison, works with the participants and helps collect data for the study. She rides her bike in the neighborhood and says in the short film that the farm itself is a "nice little oasis in the middle of everything."

Enter Phoenix Farm, one of New Haven Farms' sites around the city, and you'll see people fishing in the Quinnipiac River, construction on the new Q Bridge, and the only industrial-sized windmill in the downtown area, featured prominently for every car on the highway to see.

The land has been contaminated by pollutants to the point where it's no longer safe to eat food that grows in the soil. New Haven Farms sealed the soil so that it's now safe to grow on. Jacqueline, a farmer for New Haven Farms, says that 250 cubic yards of soil was placed above a semi-permeable layer to allow for crops to grow safely in the dynamically urban industrial environment where Phoenix Farm is located. The farm grows an immense amount of produce including broccoli, all types of kale, tomatoes, and much more.

You can volunteer for New Haven Farms, as Jacqueline mentions at the end of the video, simply by visiting their [website] or emailing the volunteer coordinator at info@newhavenfarms.org;

Then again, if you'd rather [donate] that's also within the realm of options to explore and also certainly worth considering.