Monday, August 11, 2014

Urban Wildlife: O'Possums

At night, when all the humans are asleep, there are creatures of the wildnerness who make their way into the city streets. More often unseen and unheard than noticed, these creatures blend in with the scenery, hiding in trees, but ever-present watchers of human society. And they're kind of like a bunch of hippies, as evidenced by how one possum arrived in the doorway of Group W Bench the other morning.

Evidently, we've had it all wrong for a while now. It's "O'Possums." This is discovered when researching possums on Wikipedia. Apparently, a "possum" is narrowly restricted to the Australian version of the same animal. Where as we evidently inherited the Irish version of the same animal, having it being given the name "Opossum."

When you see an Opossum, think to yourself, 'no problem!' because opossums aren't bad. They look gross as roadkill and that's typically how you have seen them. They're shy and kind of slow, and they like to walk around at night which is why they get hit by cars pretty often. In the daytime, though, you'll find our Western Hemisphere O'possums to be one of the loveliest and prettiest animals the world has to offer.

Urban Wildlife: Possum on Chapel Street. from New Haven, Connecticut on Vimeo.