Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Restoration News

Sterling Memorial Library Restoration from New Haven, Connecticut on Vimeo.

Workers clean the carbonized stonework from the front facade of Sterling Memorial Library at Yale University. At one point in time, High Street was a thoroughfare which allowed automotive vehicles. The emissions since the 1930's have caused a significant amount of discoloration to the front of the building, which finally is being cleaned, as well as some of the stone work detail above the front entrance. You can watch the video above to experience a conversation with an actual worker.

Elsewhere in town, The SemiAnnual "Replacement of the Lights" celebration continnued on Park and Elm as workers exchanged traffic lights with new bulbs, as was posted to Instagram.com/NhvOrg this morning.

To stay informed about news and information pertaining to construction, you can always check the site for innovative exploration and documentation of life as it occurs naturally.

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