Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Upcoming Local Films: Gold Star by Victoria Negri

"A girl. Her dad. The 65 years separating them." Those are the few words utilized by filmmaker Victoria Negri to describe her film project, Gold Star, which is already funded on Kickstarter with fifteen more days to go. The film itself is about the relationship between a young woman and her much-older father. It's clearly a very personal story, based deeply on factual real-life experience, which makes for the best kind of art: that which celebrates the lives of real people and highlights the complexity of the human condition, in all of its unique forms.

To be filmed in September in Connecticut, the project could use more funding. I recommend watching the trailer because it's where I got all the information for this write-up. And if you're in the lucrative position to financially contribute to a good cause, and you have an affinity for the arts, this is an investment equivocal to that which should yield great rewards.