Friday, May 30, 2014

Art Show at the New Haven Museum

Various cross-sections of the Lincoln Oak, used as art.
This month, check out some of the artwork produced at the New Haven Museum by various artists who specialize in sculpture. These were works of art that were produced by using cross sections and cuts from the original Lincoln Oak, which was dedicated to Abraham Lincoln and planted on the New Haven Green in 1919, and then later fell to the winds of Hurricane Sandy.

There is a video of the panel discussion with the artists featured in Nothing is Set in Stone: The Lincoln Oak and the New Haven Green. The artists elaborated on the inspiration and process behind their new work. Discussion was moderated by Zeb Esselstyn of City Bench.

Greenberg's Lincoln Oak Artwork. October 30th 2013
The art will be on display at the museum in the room upstairs around the rotunda to the left.

The concept behind the show was peculiarly similar to an art project developed earlier and independently by a different artist not included at the show in the museum, who about a year ago obtained a cross-section of the Lincoln Oak to represent a timeline of events which took place throughout history during the life of the tree. That particular artist, Robert S. Greenberg, presented his cross-sectioned art piece in public on the New Haven Green back in October of 2013. This was around the same time that the museum was releasing the contents of the time capsule found under the plaque, which has been verified as originally discovered by Greenberg.

Artists included in the project are Lani Asuncion, Susan Clinard, Erich Davis, Michael Quirk, Jeff Slomba, Rachael Vaters-Carr and Alison Walsh.

"Nothing Is Set In Stone" Artists Panel at New Haven Museum from #NHV on Vimeo.