Monday, March 31, 2014

New Contender Tops NHV Yelp Pizza Rankings

As of today, a new pizza place on State Street has actually outranked longstanding pizza champions Sallys, Modern, and Pepe's in the listings on Yelp.

Da Legna, on State Street, is slightly ahead of all pizza places in New Haven on Yelp, with 4.5 Stars.

Modern, Pepe's, and BAR all tie with 4 Stars.
Sally's is behind with 3.5 in the rankings.

Yelp has become a defining measure in quality standards for restaurants in New Haven and around the country.

While the quantity of reviews for Pepe's, Modern, and Bar are more numerous, it's clear that Da Legna has made a good impression on the scrutinizing tastes of pizza afficionados in the greater New Haven Area.

Maybe you should give them a try sometime.
They also are launching a new pizza truck this spring.