Sunday, October 13, 2013

#InspiringYale Contest Winner

The winner of the 2013 #inspiringyale Instagram contest is Benjamin Spear.  This was the picture, humbly only recieving just 28 likes on his Instagram feed.  He won lunch with the man who was formerly the provost with the pro-most; Peter Salovey, who was inaugurated President of Yale University the very same weekend.  Where will he go?  Shake Shack?  Miya's?  Roia?  Mamouns???

Benjamin has a series of projects and articles on his website and he writes about modern urbanism, and he's worked for more than a decade in design and branding.  Clients he's worked with?  Berklee College of Music.  A cool project called Mapkin.

And something called #Brandhack.

Congrats to Benjamin, as well as Peter for his successful inauguration (and cello performance).

Stay tuned as Nhv.Org builds an audience so that we may host our own variety of instagram contests in the near future.