Monday, September 23, 2013

Seasonal Walks: Lake Wintergreen

Late Afternoon Sunlight
If you like afternoon walks, and you work a regular job, time can be tough to find, when it comes to taking a leisurely stroll.

Fret no more, because Nhv.Org's launching "Seasonal Walks," a new feature which indicates great locations for taking a hike.

Today's season?  Autumn.  As for location, we're exploring Lake Wintergreen.  Nestled behind West Rock, from the New Haven Green it's five miles; a 15-minute car ride, or a 40-minute bicycle trip, according to Google maps.

The lake contains an approximately 2-mile trail which circles its perimeter.  There are stretches of this trail which are rocky and difficult, though most of it is ideal for anyone.  You'll find runners, joggers, dog walkers, and others, enjoying the afternoon air.  Trees breathe out oxygen, which is vital to your health.  Being immersed in an environment surrounded by trees is invariably good for your respiratory and circulatory systems.  Getting in a good walk after work, without going for a long drive, can also be a challenge.  Lake Wintergreen conquers these challenges.

Parking is located in nearby Hamden, for vehicles.
Bicycles can park anywhere.

This is just 15 minutes away (if you have a car; 45 min if you are cycling.  Sunset in September is around 6:30/7pm).

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