Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A Party In Every Vacant Lot

This was the opening.  There are less people there now.
In nearly vacant lot, here in New Haven, you will find that there is inevitably a party going on.  That's just how we do in this town.

Eventually, perhaps a skyscraper like 360 State might take the small acreage of this plot; but in the meantime, let's enjoy it with a nice game of mini golf.  You're invited to play (wed-sat).

Artspace, the illustrious studio on the corner of Orange and Crown, hosts exhibits here in town all the time.  This autumn, treat yourself to a game of minigolf with your friends, on a course made, of course, by local artists here in town.

A little red button activates a pinball flipper
For example.  Matt Feiner of the Devil's Gear, made a delightful exhibit of bicycle parts, which resembles a plinko board.  Try it.  Silas Finch, the up and coming found object sculptor from Cape Cod, slapped together an art piece using stuff he found while landscaping houses in Fairfield County.

Do you know Jim Day, the man who wears the turban?  You might have seen him playing pool at BAR, or doing the lighting or the sound at Toad's Place.  He collaborated with imaginary local character "Ian Applegate" on an art piece involving a pinball flipper.  Try it!  It's true.

Art Installer for Artspace,  Michael Galvin, Speaking to YDN Reporter.  Michael has his own show tomorrow.
From ArtspaceNh.Org:
Artists: (Make HavenMatthew J. FeinerStereoMediaSilas FinchRocko GallipoliDana ScintoWillie Hoffman; Heather Bizon; and Linda Lindroth and Craig Newick with Jeff Carter.

Course hours are Wed-Sat, Noon-3pm, and Fridays 4-7, $5 covers rentals of clubs and balls, specially designed score cards and badge. Visits to view the installation are free! The course will be open and playable from September 6th until November 8th, during the annual City-Wide Open Studios festival.  

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