Sunday, August 25, 2013

Greetings and Welcome

New Haven, CT:  Tree identification assistance
Welcome to #Nhv, better known as New Haven, Connecticut.  Home of you, probably, if you're reading this.  Our homepage website is full of good opportunities and interesting information.  You'll find everything from our upcoming interview documentary of the #nhvmayor2013 run, to awesome pictures of people washing windows, to high definition video on the page.  You'll also see how #nhv ties into the broader picture, defining hyperlocal as a social media network of its own kind; a kind of internet media experiment.
Great way to direct foot traffic into internet traffic
Part of the design has been to see how far we can take this site without any funding, advertisements, or even search engine optimization.  The nearly 2k people who view this site every week must be finding out about it...  somehow!  Call this an internet grassroots organization with strong ties with social media. If you see something awesome and you want to share it with other people who give a hoot about New Haven, Connecticut, tag your instagram photo or twitter remark with an #nhv, our Amtrak train identification code.  It will appear on the site automatically.

Follow @nhvorg on twitter if you wish to receive updates and information pertaining to upcoming opportunities, like the really awesome "Community Design Meeting" taking place next week on Tuesday where residents will speak about how they would like the Coliseum footprint site redesigned.  Stay Tuned!  New articles are posted on an everyday basis, but the twitter and instagram feeds change throughout the day.  You can also write, if you want.