Sunday, June 23, 2013

Maybe You'd Like A Dog

There is a dog named Maple looking for a home.  

"Maple is a tan male, he is a chunky chihuahua!  He is 5 years old, fixed and weighs about 15 pounds.  He loves to eat!  He also loves to play ball, and to be outside.  Maple gives the alarm if there is a stranger near.  ANd if someone he doesn't know walks in the door.  He will nip at their ankles.  Which can be corrected with gentle training.  He likes to cuddle, loves to sleep in bed with you, likes to play, and is very loving.  Maple is house trained but needs the training reinforced, or combine with the use of wee wee pads (yes, weeweepads) for indoors.  Maple has lived with a two year old.  He was good with the little girl but does get annoyed when being chased."

P{Lease email or to apply for this chunky love bug!