Monday, May 20, 2013

Transportation Issues Abound - Can Cyclesmith Fix?

As you know, the {#NHV} hashtag on Twitter got its origins from Union Station.  Transportation issues abound in the region, due to the Metro North crash which happened last Friday.

The safety record of the MTA Metro North line has been historically very sound (though it's difficult to find official safety records at the moment due to the flood of internet news traffic regarding the tragic (but minimal in comparison to the full scope of possibility), since Friday's derailment.

One local guy has solved those problems years ago, simply by only travelling as far as his bike will take him.  Except his bike contains a bicycle shop, and he fixes bikes on the corner, on an irregular and sometimes unpredictable basis.  Meaning that his official hours are at random but you can expect to see him most days during the week.

He is the Goatville Cyclesmith, and I hope he will release a series of bicycle mechanic training videos, to be aired on Nhv, at some point in the future.  Presently he doesn't have much of a web presence.

Trains, be safe and handle your rails correctly.  People fixing them, make sure they don't break anymore. Everyone, be careful especially when you drive a car.  Cell phone world is not important compared to physically actually moving world.  That's all the advice I can think of right now.