Friday, May 10, 2013

Sign up for Street Table Eating

Sign up by clicking image anywhere
Have you ever felt inclined to eat in the middle of the street?  Well, it's happening again here in New Haven.

Just sign up by clicking here.  You can learn more by visiting OurEmptySpace, the organization that holds these events.  This particular opportunity is for Friday, June 7th from 7 to 9pm and will cost $95 per ticket.

The location is currently not being listed as anything other than "patience grasshopper" so i suppose we can assume that it is not being publicly announced as of yet.

These events are known as "Streating" and you can find out about things happening around the world by searching for #streating on Twitter or on Instagram, in all likelihood.  Thankfully due to our progressive nature, we have some of these events here in town, and you can enjoy this opportunity simply by signing up for it.

If you're wondering what one is like, simply watch the video below.  You'll then understand and appreciate the uniqueness of the experience.

example of an event from last year on York St.