Friday, May 31, 2013

Hire Us!

Do you like the original video content on Nhv.Org's YouTube and Vimeo Channels?  You can hire us to make a video for your organization, team, business, or even backyard cookout conversations if that's what you wish.  It's totally on you.  Our original videos are produced by Stereomedia.  

We use AfterEffects for Animated Graphics, Final Cut X for Video Editing, and can also perform post-production functions such as sound effects and background music.  We're also into writing scripts for video ideas as we delve further into the realm of personalized affordable quality media for mass consumption.

If you've already filled out this form, Send an Email to Stereomedia@Gmail.Com and remind us of your project.  If you've already done a project with us, you can also just email us.