Sunday, March 31, 2013

Night Rainbow Vantage Points

Are you excited for April's "Night Rainbow" from SiteProjects?  It's a four evening art display which will be visible to tens of thousands of people for free on the weekend of April 24th.  And it will be visible from dusk until about 1am.

People are already trying to determine where the best points to view the installation will be.  Some have said that Phelps Triangle, across from Berzelius Society building, is a point of focus for the Night Rainbow.  It's also been said that downtown positions of elevation, such as the parking structure that the Square with Four Circles installation was installed, will also be a good vantage point.

Check the map above.  If you'd like to edit it yourself, and perhaps add a vantage point, simply click here and log in using your Google account.   If you want to see it better, select "Ter" or "Map" from the top right corner.  It is currently set to resemble a treasure map.

You can read more about the project by visiting the official site for the project, the site for the artist, or the site for the arts organization which is funding it.

See NhvMaps for other maps.