Saturday, December 1, 2012

Cable Signal Design

Announcing a new concept for local inventive folks to find new products to manufacture locally:

The "Cable Signal" concept became a combination of ideas, from the farfetched "wireless turn signal" concept of 2010 to its current state.  It combines the LED strips which commonly have been zip-tied to the frames by cycling enthusiasts, with brake cables which are already an integral part to cycle design.  It links the brake cables to a contact point at the brake lever.

The brake lever activates the signal.  The signal is a light which indicates to other members of traffic (pedestrians and cars) what the intentions of the cyclist are.  Brake signaling allows the cyclist to communicate its change in speed, thus improving the level of understanding between cyclists and cars.

For more concepts of ideas that you might find interesting, view the aforementioned "BCSL" link.