Friday, September 7, 2012

What's Happening This Weekend?

FYI:  Parts of Orange Street (Between Center and Crown) will be closed after 6pm.  Click This Link, Walk down there and Find out why! (@on9newhaven)

Free snacks tonight @Firehouse12 (with 1 beverage).
Thanks for visiting and I hope that this is the first of many times that you stop by this website.  I created it (well, something similar) back in 2005. It's gotten much better thanks to new services like Soundcloud, which functions like a live radio broadcast channel.  It's built on Google Blogger as well as with calendars, maps, and twitter integrated so that you can get the most local self-reported information (not just from long-winded Friday diatribes like this one), from the people who actually are creating change worth reporting.

I've become more familiar with New Haven in the last few years, thanks to the #NHV Twitter Tag.  Many folks don't rely this service, but it helps me get information first, which then gets shared here (on a limited basis depending on topic).

You can find, to the left, a list of everyone who cares about the past, present, and future of this singular location; a small city on the East Coast, located geographically on the road between New York and Boston.  We're a city with a lengthy history, and our oldest buildings narrowly avoided getting torched by the British during the Revolution.   For those who have made this place our home throughout the centuries, we all love it here.

Kids and Dogs and Such.  What's up CTFoodbank!  
What can you find on this site?  

Well, it's Friday today and perhaps you're considering doing something this evening.  For one, grab some snacks @firehouse12 after work.  That's always a good move.  There are always events on the Calendar!  Since we're only getting started, there's just that one event for @On9NewHaven ...  (Thanks Stephanie for posting it!).  If you'd like to post to the calendars yourself, there is access to events organizers.

We do work with local videographers OutpostNhv to provide services for commercial videos, which are then posted here on an ad hoc basis.  The "hoc," in this case, is to promote New Haven.

Crown and Church (Images capable of being "Right Justified")
We've got much to share with one another, and one thing we all have in common is this wonderful place.  The site promotes the things we choose to support, like sustainable food, local musicians, and general knowledge about the area, which is useful to everyone.  You can add information, too!

While we may promote a few commercials now and then, it's only so that we can live our lives and make videos about it.  If you think your life is interesting and you'd like to be a part of this project, explain that to us.  Maybe you're in tune with the occasionally scrutinizing perspectives from the music scene?  It's a diverse and complicated place, and we're just here to understand it better.  I hope this site helps.

Last Week In Review (720p HD Videos)
Nhv.Org also has a talented videography team, and we produce free videos on a random basis, as well as discounted videos for nonprofits, and commercials for businesses [site].  Here are some examples.

The Farmers' Market.  With Bill Klar and Kevin from local band "Sea of Bones"

Often, these videos are released on the same day of the event.  In many cases such as the one below, it was online just a matter of hours after the New Haven Road Race.  There are two separate channels (vimeo and youtube), with the prior being the host to the more quality work.

Coincidences and Great Stuff From Roaad Race! Monday (2:06 "Running Time")

With David Adams, Matt Feiner, and music by (@chldactr), a local up and coming music group.

Get to know #NHV!Coming to a sidewalk near you.