Saturday, September 10, 2011

Site Update (Technical Improvement)

One of the more innovative features of this website are the streaming calendars.  The website takes information directly from over 50 different places including music event organizers like The Space, community organizers like Lee Cruz, and parts of local government, namely The Office of Cultural Affairs.  

Thanks to local internet wiz Ben Berkowitz, all events are automatically tweeted to all 300 local followers of the @nhvorg account once posted.  You can have access to that.  We hope that number will grow, and it has already since this web domain was opened earlier this year.   The people who already follow are generally considered those with their ears to the ground in search of cool new local information.  It also tweets the #Nhv tag, which retains a high-volume following of watchers in that part of the internet.

Now you can view the Nhv.Org calendar in five different ways, depending on your interest!  Here are some examples of each category, and what each represents.  Click Calendar anytime from the menu above.  Readers can also catch it in the column to the left while reading the original content articles on the site.  There's also a neat and clean mobile version available from any smartphone's internet browser.

Isolate By Subject:  [Activities] [Community] [Educational] [Music and Art] [Sports]    

College, High School, and Intramural.  Sports you can play and games you can watch in real life are listed on this calendar.  Everything from "The Big Game" to a local frisbee meet-up.

Music and Art
Music Scene Now Includes ArtScene.
Any music event can be posted here.  Art openings are also posted here.  Street Festivals and those sort of things which involve live music can also be found.

*NEW!  Now Posting Criterion Cinemas "Movies and Mimosas" and latenight  showings of classic older films in there as well (next update soon 9/12/12).
(Calendar does not display new movie showtimes). 

One of the neatest features of this calendar system is that someone might stumble across a frisbee game which takes place at a time that could be followed by an Observatory open showing.  Make the most of your day by seeing everything that New Haven has to offer, in a clean and organized and most importantly accurate calendar system.

If you'd like to post events, you don't need to contact the site every time you wish to make an announcement.  The site will give you access via your Google Calendar account.

Your announcement will fit into any of the categories described.
Keep in mind the description before checking off the box.

Here's the form to apply for free calendar access  It adds exposure of over 500 views per week, presently, to an audience of local people- all potential attendees.

Thanks for using the system.  There's even a specially-formatted mobile version of the site which you can view anytime from your phone.  It was pieced together using original coding!

Fine Print
Nhv.Org reserves the right to grant or revoke calendar publishing privileges to any individual or organization.  Since event announcements are public, we can not be held accountable for mistakes that you publish.  Inaccurate information will result in the revoking of publishing privileges, because the reputation of the site is dependent on the quality of information.

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