Sunday, September 2, 2012

New Haven's 35th Annual Road Race

(Written Sunday 9/2 and Monday 9/3)
Doonesbury Cartoon by Trudeau, Yale '70
Registration has just closed for the New Haven Road Race this year, and that means that 7,000 people signed up already.  Lots of information on the official site, so it's suggested that if you're looking for more info, follow that [link].

The race occurs annually in New Haven on Labor Day.
From Wikipedia:

"The New Haven Road Race has hosted the USA 20K Championship every year since its inception in 1978.  The race, which featured 1,200 runners in its inaugural year, has grown to include as many as 7,000 participants."

The race kicks off at 8:40AM.

Music Video from today's race.

Update:  The Route for the Road Race has been Changed.
The 5K kicks off at Church and Chapel now.  There were other changes not mentioned on their site, which were announced 10 minutes before the race.  This map represents the previously established route.  

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