Saturday, September 1, 2012

Checklist: Photo with the FlowerLady.

Since you can't really be friends with everyone on Facebook, we'll have to be friends in real life.

Anette Walton has been the Flower Lady for a very long time.  You might say that every single person who has gone to Yale in the past 20 years probably remembers her loving "smile and holler" approach to selling flowers.

Make it a point this Fall to buy a flower from her, for one dollar, my friend, and talk to her.  One of the more remarkable things about the Flower Lady is that she remembers everything about everyone.  If your parents visited last Fall and your mother's mom's name is Gladys, she will remind you:  ("How's your grandma Gladys?").  In that sense, she is a remarkable thinker.  She's also a great philosopher.  Her message is always positive, no matter what you say.  In physics, that's known as a particle stabilizer, and we're very happy to have her in our cosmos, on our corner.  Particularly Broadway and Elm.

Your Mission:  Go Take a picture with the FlowerLady!  Comment with link to Photo.
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