Saturday, August 18, 2012

What is "Streating"

People walking by High Street and Crown Street last night were probably wondering why the street was closed off and there were chairs and tables set up.  No, it wasn't because Ibiza was booked that night.  It was actually a fundraiser for Common Ground High School put in place by OurEmptySpace.Com.

"Streating" as it might seem not a word by the red squiggly lines beneath if you were to type it someplace that checked for spelling, is actually a combination of two very good words:  "Street" and "Eating."  In this particular instance, the eating is done in the middle of a street.  The food was quite good and it benefitted an even better cause.  Common Ground High School offers agricultural education to students throughout the region.  Here is a map look at where the event took place, and an indication of the detour for traffic.

View Detour for Aug 17 Streating Event in a larger map

In the future, if you'd like to be invited to these events, follow @ouremptyspaces or visit their website and check the events page there.  All of the attendees were happy to have not been rained on, and few participants mentioned a word about having to move around so quickly all night (see the video).