Friday, August 17, 2012

Miya Sushi Implements $1 - $3 To Go Container Surcharge

Bring your own containers! A new policy calls for free (which is still a great deal) to go containers if you bring your own, or a hefty surcharge on disposable waste.
The goal of this maneuver is not to profit heavily on to go orders, but to cut down on that disposable waste. The motivation for this new policy, as described first hand by Bun recently...

From Bun Lai's Tumblr:
We have been asking people to bring in your own take out containers and adding a one dollar fee to every take out order that does not B.Y.O. Take Out Containers; and three dollars to every one that uses large containers. There’s been a mixed response because it’s hardly convenient for anybody. Every year, Americans throw out enough paper and plastic cups, forks and spoons to encircle the Earth 300 times. Every year American use over one billion shopping bags, creating 300, 000 tons of landfill waste. We hate to have to charge a fee for take out containers and bags and we know that this may adversely effect our take out business but is there a more effective way that we can motivate people towards this initiative? Please let us know your thoughts and, as usual, don’t pull your punches. Thanks - Bun