Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Recent Rain Causes Damage to Buildings in 9th Square

Recent rain has provided a challenge for the city's water supply system, in particular the area near the 9th square, which contains some of the lowest elevation points in the city.

Complicating matters for business owners at Bru Cafe, located at 141 Orange Street, the mold situation from basement flooding went sorely out of control, to the point where the property management negligently fired "Serv Pro" when mold was discovered.

A quote from Bru Cafe, who rent the building:

"This is mold found in Bru's basement by ServPro during clean-up off the incursion of sewage, water and other debris into the first floor and basement areas on Friday, Saturday and today. Landlord fired them once the mold was found. This grew in four days. I don't think I can purchase enough peroxide."
On display in their window (Devils Gear Bike Shop sign in the background) is a piece of the mold, and an explanation as to why their business is closed.

[The] landlord is an limited liability company called Orange Palladium, LLC. Orange Palladium, LLC is managed by Lynne Franford, the wife of the late Michael Franford. Her son, Brian Franford, claims to be the "building manager" but also claims he is not employed by Orange Palladium or his mother, and further disavows any connection to Orange Palladium, LLC. 
To the best of my knowledge, this is the only building left from the Franford Properties. 

You can contact the building manager at (203) 530-7996. Ask him when Bru will be open for business!

Hopefully this will all get straightened out.  That's why it's good to have news.