Wednesday, June 6, 2012

To Devils Gear Bikes

Hi Dave,

Looking forward to our meeting on Tuesday at 2pm.  I thought I would give you some background as to what we might discuss.

As you know, I've been producing videos for a while.  Some of these have not always been of the most professional caliber.  However my software, equipment, and techniques have improved over time.  

Proof of Improvement
Here are some videos that I produced.

Taste of New Haven (*unreleased)

Goals for Devils Gear

Sales / Events Promotion
One type of video you might create alludes to an upcoming event that people should be made aware of.  It's produced weeks prior to the event, and released in conjunction with the normal promotion of that event.  The goal is to extend beyond the immediate dedicated community, and video allows us to be creative in exploring the world socially through the commentary that our videos might help create. 

Workshop / Instructional
Another type of video which might be of use is the workshop or instructional.  This is a video where people learn about a product, and how to maintain it themselves for the product's longevity.  Example:

Many of the workshops that I produce also include shorter "traliers" which allow the viewer to decide whether or not to continue watching the entire workshop video.  Those are also useful. 

Public Service Announcement
You can give people worldly advice about cycling, in the name of safety, but also to get your name out there.  Those kinds of videos will definitely receive some recognition, if produced accurately. 

Working Together
Making videos means the business owner is the co-producer for the film.  Image is important in business, and everyone is concerned about making the right impression on people.  Videos can be edgy, funny, or very serious.

Differences between Youtube and Vimeo
Depending on your level of sensitivity to such issues, there are two ways of exploring the distribution of videos, based on the abilities of two different companies (Youtube / Vimeo).  Here are the differences. 
  • Youtube allows 300mb uploads, as many as you want.  
  • Vimeo allows 500mb per week. 
  • Youtube does not allow you to set passwords
  • Vimeo allows password access only
  • Youtube URL videos are not replaceable
  • Vimeo videos can be replaced at same URL
Therefore, businesses that are more cautious are more likely to prefer Vimeo.  Also the quality of the video is set higher automatically on Vimeo.  However, Vimeo takes longer to upload (without a 'premium' account).  The final difference is that iPhones can only watch Vimeo station footage via the official Vimeo App.  

As strategy, if you're producing time-sensitive information that needs to be seen on a more mass scale, Youtube would work better.  If you are trying to produce something of a higher quality where more thought went into its making, then Vimeo is probably a better option.  

Graphics / Logos
If you watched the videos above, you can see that my graphic/logo strategy has evolved rapidly.  

You'll notice that I've learned to tone down the graphics quite a bit.  You'll also be welcome to backseat-drive the editing process from the editor's "passenger seat" located on Anderson Street in East Rock.  

Goals for Nhv.Org

Videography, as demonstrated in the previous three videos, all emphasize a singular point:  that you can have a compelling effect on people which banner and print advertisement is not capable of accomplishing.  This is evident in the standar market cost for video advertisement. 

The difference is that with social media, there is no guarantee that people will be able to watch what you have made unless the item is shared or it reaches a platform which elevates it to 

With your help and support in this endeavor, Nhv.Org hopes to be that platform for social media local videos.  That's already essentially what it does.  It's risen in viewership from less than 200 to 700-1000 views per week, of entirely random people.  I know this because the sidewalk chalk, which is totally random who sees it, had a noticeable impact on the traffic.  I think it will continue to grow in popularity, especially with the increase of the kinds of social media videos which I've demonstrated in the previous examples.  

Future Plans

If things go well, and the progress goes smoothly, there is a possibility of taking this creativeness to a whole other level.  We could potentially be producing a show about cyclists (well, namely it's a show about East Rock but it's called "Easy Rock" and it's about families and grad students.  We're writing episodes).  But the show itself could grow in popularity, only there's no way to make the show without the help of local businesses to support it.  So there is a chance that if things do go remarkably well, we will be able to produce a sitcom of varying lengths on a regular basis, and that is more of a longterm goal.

In Review

So thanks for listening to this message.  I hope that it's inspired you to consider making videos with me.  Just remember that print ads can be expensive.  And they don't always create real business.  Neither do I think anybody intentionally clicks on banner or pop-up windows.

So how do you advertise in the 21st century?  With well-produced, creative, high-quality videos.  If you trust my instincts and skills, as well as my ability to enlist others for more elaborate projects when the time arrives, then maybe this will work.