Sunday, April 29, 2012

Local #NHV Videos

Community Re-Enactment Theater: Easy Rock Pilot Episode 1 from #NHV on Vimeo.

Associated Stations

Vimeo.Com/Nhv - High Quality Videos
YouTube.Com/NhvOrg - Other FeaturesTownOfNewHaven - Music Scene

Peoples' Stations

BooSlick - The Boo Slick Show, featuring Jahmal Henderson AKA Boo Slick
Katterbear - Excellent Time Lapses, including the Blizzard 2013 which got 20k views.

News Stations

NewHavenIndependent - Local Newspaper's YouTube® channel
Paul Bass - Editor of Independent

WTNH-8 - Local ABC Affiliate


Yale University - official YouTube® page

ArtSpace - Local Arts
SiteProjects - film fest hosts


Chatham Square - happenings in a Fair Haven neighborhood.
East Rock Media - videos from East Rock

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