Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Going To The Store For A Beverage

Look, I can't control the way that food works, and right now, with the way the world is, if you want something that tastes like Kool Aid, you need to go to the store.  And they don't have Kool Aid anymore after that horrible marketing stunt by that awful cult, so the new culture calls it "Vitamin Water."

Yes, Vitamin Water.  Because it tastes like Kool Aid, but it's only water, and there's vitamins in it.  What kind of vitamins, in particular?  It says so on the bottom.  I like the one called "Citrus" because it's supposed to cure brain damage which could lead to zombiism.  It's the only appropriate word for two back-to-back i's.  Space Pirate would say, aye aye.

"How do you spell zombie-ism?"
"It's zombie, without the e, but with an aye aye."

Aye aye captain weirdo.  That SpacePirate guy just can't let go of all of his references, plays on words, and worst of all, plays on plays on words.  In formula, it is simply plays² / words.  

Getting to the square root of the word, I'm not done explaining my awful comic.  It does not explain why there is a franken-clerk, rather than a real clerk, and it doesn't portray anyone as a jerk, so it's very difficult for people to accept that it is a real comic.  Maybe this post-comic commentary will assist with that.