Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Occupancy gets a No Vacancy Sign

Boring negotiations have gone back and forth go nowhere for 2 months, with no resolve.  One lunatic kept hollering about turning Occupy into a community farm.  

He kept saying, "we're gonna need food someday!"  But nobody would listen to him.  Are they just a bunch of lazy complainers?  Or will yelling at cops in riot gear solve all the social injustices in the world?  Only time will tell.  

On account that the occupiers couldn't present the city with its own proposal, 
City Hall has decided to provide a proposal of its own. 

Here's what negotiations sounded like when they first began officially on Feb. 8 2012 :
At this point, City Hall was "Open to conversation."

Occupiers then ran off a laundry list of every social injustice they could cite.  While certain police incidents should be either investigated or handled with more scrutiny (Jewu), most of the ideas the protesters came up with were not related to the "Occupy" movement, any more than they concern everyone when it comes to basic civil and human rights.  
That was probably the point where the conversation was the most rational. 

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