Thursday, February 16, 2012

Get To Know #NHV: AreaBridges

This video is part of a series about local New Havenites, entitled "Get To Know #NHV" where we pick area residents and show you a little bit about who they are, and what they do.

In this particular video, we visit the Grove, and speak to a photographer and lens camera filter designer known as AreaBridges, who got that name from listing to the radio in the city of Philadelphia, where he used to live.  At the time, on the radio, he would hear them say "Area Bridges" quite frequently so the words became something of meaning.

AreaBridges describes "Through The Viewfinder" photography, which is a type of photography that uses old cameras built from different parts to form filters to modify the way a picture turns out.  In his most recent model, Area uses some Legos and an old Brownie camera which has been built into the Legos to form a periscope-like attachment.

The photos that he takes are quite remarkable.  Aside from being a filters modifier and customizer, he also assembles photo mosaics, which are evident on his website (click image below for link).

Enjoy more photos from AreaBridges, a New Haven Local photo and "TTV" entheusiast

Learn more about "Through The Viewfinder" photography, visit the active TTV Group on Flickr, or you can even find yourself wandering over to visit AreaBridges' own Photo Page, which has received very positive remarks from viewers everywhere, not just in #Nhv.

To ask AreaBridges a question, just comment below.