Monday, January 2, 2012

Get Down With Ice Hockey.

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Did you know that New Haven is a vibrant city of over 100,000?  Nestled in between New York and Boston, this city is a hot-spot for innovation and new ideas.  Here we have artist Ryan Cyr at a Yale Hockey game with sculptor and statue restoration specialist Silas Finch (not shown).

Silas is working on the monument at the top of East Rock currently for the department of Parks and Restoration.  Haha!  Ryan Cyr is planning the next version of Mould Studios, a room designed to be a television studio in his workspace, where he mainly makes stained glass artwork as seen on his website, Mouldmatic.Com.

Interestingly enough, the team said to be "Russia" on the ice with the Bulldogs is actually a junior Olympic squad from the Motherland.  The 'Dawgs really hit 'em hard against the boards a few times.  It might also be possible that the elongated opening (the game started 1 hour late), was because the Russians were in a sedentary position for probably about 15 hours before the game, arriving directly from the airport.  Not sure whose fault that decision was, but it clearly advantaged the home team squadron.

Stay tuned as this summer we're going to bring you great basketball footage from Edgewood Park and the courts by the great windmill in Fair Haven.  For more information on places to play basketball, check out this map!  More maps are to be coming soon this year.

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