Friday, October 28, 2011

Welcome to Nhv.Org

Thanks for accepting the invitation to write for this web log.  It's a publicly accessible website designed for citizens of New Haven, Connecticut, to connect the community.  The URL was donated, and it's built on all free Google products (and a Soundcloud and Twitter and Vimeo account).

Here's what you can do:
  1. Post Content
    Since this is the internet, your articles can contain multimedia.
    Please consider using as little space with as much information possible.
    Only post photos that you've taken.  Same applies with video (or with request/approval).
    Articles must pertain to public information of relevance about New Haven, CT.
    No profanity.  Opinions are reserved only as comments.
    If you are a photo blogger, please limit your photos to the best 3 at a time.  You can link your photos to a more comprehensive set of photos at your home blog.
  2. Post Events
    Event information must be 100% accurate.
    Post late-nite events only as late as 12am, plz.
    Inaccurate information or events which do not occur will result in removal of permissions

Events, when posted, appear on Twitter via @NhvOrg with tag #NHV.  Same applies for blog posts.  

  1. Writers' Permission Criteria
    If you are given permission to write for Nhv.Org it's because you met the following criteria:

    a).  You live in New Haven, Connecticut
    b).  Your sample writing / photography / videography has proven that the content is quality
    c).  You must already maintain your own blog
    d).  You are aware of the parts in section 1: Post Content (above)

    Once you post articles, your content should do the following to help the community:

    a).  Inform people of something relevant which should be public knowledge
    b).  Document events worthy of remembering, for whatever reason
    c).  Capture and share the perspectives of those who are not site authors
    d).  Connect events on the calendar with the content that you are creating
  2. Admin Permission Criteria
    If you have been selected for Admin access to the site, this gives you the ability to:

    a).  Change the background and banner images, as well as side graphics
    b).  Change the settings of who are permitted as authors
    c).  Change the content of any article on the site, or erase/edit any content at all
Additional Responsibilities for Contributors:
  1. Directory Work
    The local directory requires constant manual upkeep and maintenance.  It's best to create this from scratch by hand, because information spreads different in the physical world than it does on search engines.  It's key to create something more comprehensive than an internet search browser, by using collective information to create a more all-encompassing picture of local activity online.
  2. Calendar Maintenance
    If an event is posted but has an inaccuracy or does not belong, Admins may edit or adjust/repair calendar events which require that sort of attention.  So far, the calendar has been maintained.  

Use BlogPress App for Mobile Blogging

You can make posts via your phone using Blogpress.  This application allows you to create a blog post, from your mobile device, complete with photos, links, and video.  The blog post is then automatically tweeted via whichever account you have connected.

Users of Blogpress get the @nhvorg password.

This is a very powerful tool for time sensitive information, and is faster than any other form of news except 'live'.

BlogPress requires some configuration and 15 minutes of training.  Recommended approach:
  • Take your photos and video first before opening BlogPress to write an article
  • Be sure when taking video that the length remains at around the 0:10s - 0:20s limit to avoid upload issues
  • Try to upload while having either a strong cell signal or while connected to a wifi network
Benefits to using this platform:
  • It automatically hosts your photos and videos online at a URL within the blog you usually post to
  • It is capable of posting to multiple blogs at a time, or to switch between different blogs easily
  • It tweets and posts to facebook in one single motion (after the upload is successful)
  • It will upload and save embedded videos onto the YouTube Channel of your choice

Platform Specifics:

Other great things you can do with this platform:
  • Schedule a post to happen later

If you want something to happen at a future point in time, you can schedule it for a future point in time by using the buttons to the right, in the editor.  When the post is complete

Basic Concept Behind Events / Attendance Platform

The goal of Nhv.Org is to increase awareness, as well as attendance at local events, particularly the events that deserve more attention.  

Access Tiers:  Admin / Writer / Event Poster
Writers have permission only to post their own articles, not to make changes to other people's work.  Admins are considered 'editors'; with the ability to alter the content anywhere on the site.  There can only be 10 admins, and 100 writers.  All writers are given access with permission.

Importance of Labels
Labels are particularly important, because they allow researchable content.  For example, if you search a label for the phrase "Meet Fellow Citizens" you will find a series of videos pertaining to getting to know local people.  Here is the list of current contributors:

Current List of Contributors