Friday, March 11, 2016

Corsair Apartments - Cool Story (Video)

Apartments with a really cool back story.

Colin Caplan and Ben Berkowitz explain the history and dynamics in the neighborhood of Upper State Street in this new video from the apartment buildings to be known as Corsair, named after the engine parts which were once manufactured in the same neighborhood. From their website:

"For over a century, the corner of State and Mechanic Streets in New Haven has been a bastion of blue-collar resolve. While it may have been built as a steam laundry and textile dyeing plant in 1880, it's since been home to makers of everything from cigars to corsets."

The apartments are presently leasing on the low scale at $1445 per month, with some of the more elaborate units as much as $3570.

For more information, their website makes it very easy to schedule a tour.