Saturday, December 13, 2014

Things Got Meta Today

A video posted by #Nhv: New Haven, Connecticut (@nhvorg) on
The day became interesting when a music video of the Tomlinson Bridge as seen from the new Q Bridge resulted in a moment which can best be described as "Meta." There is someone in the piece that was posted to Instagram, who comments in the video that he is in the video. Meaning that he is operating one of the cranes in the background. This was all in the course of about 15 seconds. He was on his phone probably waiting for someone to bring him something he would then lift with the crane. Then he saw a video of his crane, as seen from a passenger on the F bus from the City Bridge and commented on it. That is the textbook definition of Meta.

The reason the F bus was on the City Bridge in the first place (Pearl Harbor Memorial Bridge or "Q Bridge" as it's also been called) is because Tomlinson Street was closed, probably due to bridge construction.

Meta means "After" in Greek and it's an abstraction.