Monday, October 13, 2014

Let the Festivities Begin: Founders Day

Event All Day on Tuesday, Oct 14.
As with every year this time of year, Yale celebrates its founding with the appropriately titled "Founder's Day" promoting a number of entertaining events which you can see in its entirity on the dedicated page on the Yale website. With several tours and a few other additional opportunities, Founders' Day is an ideal way for the public to celebrate the existince of that castle-like complex with the people who have been given the responsibility of maintaining it. Notably, there will be an Instagram contest.
Our lunch with the president of Yale :)
Just think, that it's possible you could be the person able to attend lunch with the President of Yale himself, simply for being clever with an iPhone or other phone or camera device. On this page you'll see last year's winner, with Salovey, in a documented evidence that the contest is real and the prizes will be rewarded.

Inspiring Yale (#InspiringYale) is the name of the contest and the website reads:

This year’s inaugural Founders Day on Oct. 14 will feature the second annual #InspiringYale Instagram Challenge, continuing a tradition established last October during the festivities for Peter Salovey’s inauguration as Yale University’s 23rd president.

Yale's Instagram (IG) page features posts that showcase the mosaic of campus life and has more than 23,000 followers. Many Yale departments, schools, and groups are also active on the social media platform, and thousands of students, alumni, and staff are IG users. The Yale campus has been called one of the most popular American universities on Instagram. and BuzzFeed has said it is one of most “scenic college campuses that were made for Instagram.”

Instagram users on campus during the Founders Day celebration on Tuesday, Oct. 14 are encouraged to share photos of some of their favorite spots on campus in the second Yale Instagram Photo Challenge. Participants should post their photos so that they are publicly visible on Instagram and tag them #InspiringYale to enter the contest. Photos must be taken, tagged #InspiringYale, and posted on Oct. 14, during the Founders Day events between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m., and they must be publicly visible on Instagram.