Wednesday, October 1, 2014

In our world, strange is just another word for unique

Stores and niche shops come and go, but cool ideas seem to be a staple here in New Haven. A city full of creative entrepreneurs, who see New Haven's small city as an advantage to crafting a one on one relationship with residents and other local business to create a cross pollination. 

Alex Dakoulas
New Haven's newest resident Alex Dakoulas, who is recent transplant from Boston, MA. does just that. Alex is the owner, art director and designer for Strange Ways. His past experience includes designing graphics and footwear for Converse and Puma, where his work primarily revolved around account-specific products—so he knows about designing for a particular consumer. He also ran his own apparel line, Dance Party Massacre—which you would have loved if you enjoy 80s horror movies. He's worked on exclusive collabs for Dr. Suess, Footlocker, DC Comics, Converse boutiques, Fangoria and more. His work has also been featured in Inked Magazine, Out Magazine,, High Snobiety, and among others.

In 2013, Alex was named one of Tosser Magazine’s "50 People to Keep on Your Radar"—and has been working to live up to that statement ever since. With his experience working on different products with all types of creatives, he's been waiting for the day to open his own shop. He hopes launching Strange Ways on his terms will be the perfect opportunity to let his skills shine. He loves working on products that connect with people, and connecting with people to work on them. He really hopes you enjoy the strange little world he's created, and invites you to join him in it.

When asked about the popup shop and the future of a storefront his response was:

“I think the #1 question I get right now is "Where is your shop located?". It's cool—I'm glad people are interested. But before I answer that, a little background info... opening up a storefront costs a
$hitton of money!

Because of said information above, and the fact that I'm trying to run this shop fairly responsibly, the main answer to where Strange Ways is located is online for now. However, I'm also working hard to get out there in front of people to see the product first-hand and continue to gain traction. Assuming all goes well, Strange Ways will smoothly progress into staying at a permanent location that we've found makes sense for it.

For now, I am doing a lot of markets, special events and pop-up shops. One of the coolest opportunities we have is starting next week. We'll be setting up shop in a renovated ATM vestibule
that is now a pop-up space for people to showcase their business. Located at 55 Church Street in the 9th Square of New Haven, it's just a short walk from the New Haven Green, Wooster Square, Yale University, Gateway Community College and State Street Station. Plus the area boasts some of my favorite bars like Firehouse 12 and116 Crown! So stop on in during lunchtime, or on your way to happy hour—I swear you won't find anything else like it in New Haven.”

So what is THE PRODUCT?
Strange Ways is proud to carry smaller brands and to support independent artists and designers, and take great joy in introducing customers to new items and companies they haven't seen before. We keep our eyes to the sky and ears to the ground in search of products worth noticing. Like you, we appreciate well-done artistry and products that have attention to detail. We believe what makes one stand out—and yes, that is a good thing—is in the little things.

Strange Ways also works with talented folks to create one-of-a-kind collaborations and exclusive items. Through our forward-thinking and unusual lens we offer exclusive product from some of the most relevant trendsetters, creatives and icons. We don’t just strive to curate and carry interesting products—in creating some of it ourselves, we hope to become a place you can look to for inspiration.

If you're seeking a style beyond the mall and mass culture, we hope you find it here. For all you wonderfully weird people with an eye for style, we hope you find a little bit of yourself in our products. We want to help you express your individuality and carry things you won't find anywhere else, so come back often and remember to stay strange.

Strange Ways is not just about the visual, but also about operating consciously. All the product we carry is from entrepreneurial artists, designers and small brands. We also try to focus on American-
made, recycled content and working with LGBT artists. And at the end of the year we donate 5%of profits to various nonprofits. We want to function professionally with a personal touch; to use our brains so you don't have to. Shopping should be easy, and buying from Strange Ways should make you feel good in more ways than one.

Mention you saw us post about the pop-up online, and get 10% off your purchase!

Strange Ways at Popup 55
WHERE: 55 Church Street, New Haven, CT
WHEN: October 1st–October 13th
*CLOSED: Saturday, October 4th

For more information about Strange Ways please visit