Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Slow Dancing Exhibit Tonight thru Saturday 8pm - 11pm

If you've ever wanted to see dancing on giant screens at night on Cross Campus, now is your chance. Temperatures in the evening throughout the exhibit will hover around 60°F, which is pants and a light jacket weather.

David Michalek is a filmmaker whose work has been displayed numerous times in New Haven. His exhibit, "Slow Dancing" has been seen around the world.

On this occasion, there will also be a panel discussion with the artist and Yale faculty on Friday, September 12th from 3-5pm at the YUAG Auditorium at 1111 Chapel Street.

The exhibit will run throughout the week from 8-11pm on Cross Campus, from September 10 until September 16th.

David Michalek

Outdoor public art installation

September 10 – 16 | 8 – 11 PM
Yale University Cross Campus

Panel Discussion with the Artist and Yale Faculty
Daphne A. Brooks ~ Margaret S. Clark ~ Emily Carson Coates ~ Martin Kersels ~ Richard O. Prum ~ Joseph Roach ~ Laura Wexler

Friday, September 12 | 3 – 5 PM
Yale University Art Gallery Auditorium
1111 Chapel St.

Stills from "Slow Dancing" © David Michalek