Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Aerial Drone Footage of Delaneys Fire

There could be no bigger catastrophe in 2014 than the burning of one of the finest buildings in all the land. Home once of the Cape Codder, and many a pirate would come to town looking for a fish sandwich. Here was the day their hearts burned for all the future pirates who would never be opportuned to have a feast at this inland location. Now robot helicopters watch it burn, because there was not a fireperson in sight who could turn off the switch.
The home of the former Cape Codder was as far inland as any would dare, and many a pirate in that area were privileged to escape their own kind and come to Westville. 

Nhv.Org beseeches Fire Personnel to have electricians on staff capable of handling lines, and to focus on a greater understanding of grid shutoff, to protect and preserve buildings by giving themselves the right to fight these great fires in safety.