Monday, June 16, 2014

Weekend Review!

The Arts and Ideas Festival. 

There's been a really good turnout for the International Festival of Arts and Ideas so far this year, as depicted in this image of the New Haven Green, packed with listeners on Saturday Afternoon. Go check out the rest of the schedule for the festival by trying this link for the calendar.

If you like the arts, you'll also like the radio show being put together by Stephen Grant of the Arts Council, on WPKN. A list of those episodes can be found here.

The festival continues throughout the month.

David, conducting the #IMissGalen Tour

I Miss Galen Tour
In other local news this weekend, a group of young people who spent their youth growing up in New Haven, shared their memories of a friend of theirs who passed away. The #iMissGalen tour was conducted by David McCarthy, one of Galen's close personal friends, described moments at specific places where they would play. Many of their activities involved hanging out or even jumping on things like walls. Galen was an avid skateboarder and also a member of the US Navy.

Neighborhood Tag Sales
And there were a number of tag sales throughout the area. At one, in Westville, residents pooled together books that their children had outgrown. Some were picked up by a schoolteacher who intended on bringing them to her students. The yard was littered with toys and educational tools.

New Haven is kind of an amazing place. In the summer, there's a ton of stuff all happening at once. If you just wander around, you never know what you're going to find out there.

If you want to know more about great places in New Haven to wander around and see, keep watching because life goes on, here in #Nhv.