Monday, January 6, 2014

Temperature Swings Create Ice Skating Opportunities

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Maybe you've noticed that temperatures have been rapidly fluctuating. We have, too. You can actually "rewind" the weather and review the past few days. Or view a windchill chart.

The good news is that the conditions have created some unprecedented ice skating opportunities.

East Rock Park, Cold Spring and Livingston.  
If temperatures drop to 13°F tonight, as announced, that will create a situation again where rain becomes ice. That's part of the process of drastic temperature fluctuation this time of year. You can choose to embrace this as an opportunity to use those frozen puddles for ice skating. One location which looked suitable today, as a very large puddle, is the field you see in this image. It's advised to use the same set of caution you normally do. Be careful about cold exposure, too.