Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Rare Bird Spotted

Photograph by Terry Shaw 
A rare juvenile redheaded woodpecker is seen nesting on the corner of Lincoln and Bradley St.

This type of bird is rarely seen in this part of the country, and the birding community was enthused by its discovery.

For those interested in being notified at the sighting of rare birds, the Connecticut Orinthological Society has a mailing list.  It was mentioned by the photographer, Terry Shaw, that this particular bird is a juvenile; meaning not that it is in some form of detention center, but rather that it does not have all of its feathers.

It is hoped that the bird will stay around for the better weather, and it was stated by Shaw that by March, the bird should be fully-plumed, to look more like the bird does in its Wikipedia image.

Thanks to Terry Shaw for providing this great photograph and information in this article. Below is the location of the bird on a map.   The map may not be sized properly for mobile devices, but should work fine on a desktop or tablet.

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