Monday, September 23, 2013

Alderpersonal Open Hours

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A recent trend in local politics is making it possible for more people to meet with their representatives in public places intentionally.  "Open Hours" involves going to a coffee shop, usually early in the morning before business begins for most people, to discuss the issues of the day with your most immediate government representative:  your local alderperson. 

important:  Check Twitter accounts to verify that your representative will actually be there on the morning you plan on meeting. 

Where you can find Doug tomorrow morning.
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Doug Hausladen offers open hours at Koffee? on Audubon (see map) on Tuesday at 8am.
Justin Elicker* does the same, at Lulu in his district at precisely the same date and time. 

Check Calendar for details.  If you're an alderperson and would like to offer your availability in a similar manner, feel free to email the website with date, time and location of your open hours.