Saturday, August 24, 2013

Mobile Commerce Increases in Popularity

The entrepreneurial spirit was in the air, as well as the smell of fresh baked cookies, on Orange Street yesterday afternoon.  An unnamed young person tests out her new mobile retail venue, which sold cookies, secondhand books, and hand-made accessories.

The cookies were reasonably priced as were the books and accessories.  The books were ones that she had already flipped through a few times and had no more interest in.  There was even a discount card for regular purchasers.

The shop itself is built on wheels, which she can walk over from her residence.  Her father, an architect, helped make it possible by constructing the cart using durable materials like reinforced cardboard, pegboard for hanging items, and a few well-placed brackets.

It's difficult to indicate when the cart will next be seen or available, but mobile commerce is a growing culture on Orange Street, with the inclusion of Joel LaChance, the Goatville Cyclesmith, often on the same corner (below).

Joel LaChance, CycleSmith - Another mobile commerce service conveniently available on Orange St.

Stay tuned in the upcoming weeks for the
East Rock Festival (Sept 21). 

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