Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Choice of Vegetables

Photo by J. Travers (NHDot)
You'll notice a few additional places to lock up your bicycle this morning.  In the photograph, that's Allan Appel (left, in fishing vest), from the New HavenI ndependent, writing his story on Department of Traffic and Parking intern Ben Green (right, leaning on broccoli sculpture).  Ben helped to design and install these custom-made bike racks, which are meant to look like a squash, carrots, and broccoli (from left to right).  Ben also helped to integrate the new ParkMobile application into the #Nhvparking landscape.  Jim Travers, the director of that department, shared accolades for Ben's proactive role in the department this summer.

If you're looking for real squash, carrots, or broccoli, then look no further, because Claire's Cornercopia is adjacent to the new bike racks.  In fact they were designed to work in conjunction with the vegetarian restaurant, giving a sense of comprehensive cohesion to the semi-urban landscape, as bike racks that look like vegetables was an intentional decision.

Maybe there'll be a fish rack in front of Miyas, a coffee bean rack in front of Willoughby's, or a pizza rack in front of Pepe's or Da Legna.  Although in that case, I'm not sure how one would lock up their bike to a pizza.

You'll find the new bike rack on the corner of Chapel St. and College St.
Special thanks to Jim Travers for providing the inside scoop pic of Ben with NHI reporter Allan Appel