Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Sounds of New Haven

We're wrapping up our Soundcloud and getting a new one, because the old free account has reached its full capacity of 2 hours, and unlimited Soundcloud accounts cost €9/month or €99/year (still trying to figure out what that "€" means...  needing to consult with the Google).  Why not a Kickstarter?  Oh.  Maybe because "Kickstarter cannot be used to fund e-commerce, business, and social networking websites or apps."

Meaning that from this point forward, we're starting fresh with a brand new free Soundcloud account.  We are not going to be uploading to Soundcloud.Com/NewHavenAudio anymore.  From this point, we'll be sending our sounds to a new home:  Soundcloud.com/NhvAudio1 which will become immediately available on your smartphone at the web address Nhv.Org/Mobile (type in Nhv.Org and click mobile, then add to homepage).

This article is mostly about things that were recorded on the account that is now full.  Here's what Soundcloud can do, and that you can learn to use its features to enhance your life in a meaningful way, and that can have a positive impact on others.  Sounds that are uploaded often include pictures of what was recorded of, & you can pick them up and put them on your website.

Take a listen to a few:

Sounds of Nature

One of the things that I used to do with the old Soundcloud was find sounds from nature.
The final post on that account was this one.

This was the first time I heard cicadas this summer.  It was last weekend in Wooster Park.
I even saw one on the ground the other day.

Are these the same birds?  Comment below.

Sounds of Life
in an urban environment

talking to real people on an every day basis.

Commercial Stuff I did for free just to demonstrate that it could be done and have an effect on business-

Other Stuff I did simply because I was curious-

That last one is Chris Randall.  You all know him.  We're referring to this.

But don't even know if you can call this an interview-

things you just wouldn't expect.

The Ballroom crowd goes footballs on this one-

And it's a little bit difficult to visualize what's going on here-

And Music.
sweet, sweet music.

Lots and lots of music.

Stay tuned for the new and improved Soundcloud.  Some posts are not reported on the main blog, because it's difficult to listen to soundclouds when they're embedded in an article that you're reading on a mobile phone.  It makes more sense to go here if you are on a mobile phone.

Now go hit play and clean the house/apartment/office!

This is what the old Soundcloud account looked like.  Such pieces of importance included.

Many of these recordings were made while I rode around on my bicycle.
  It is a Columbia from the 60's and I got it from College Street Cycles, located ironically on College St.