Sunday, July 21, 2013

Public Support for Judicial Equality

 The NAACP and other leaders, including mayoral candidates Sundiata Keitazulu and Toni Harp, attended a rally in front of 157 Church Street, next to City Hall this morning to speak in the wake of the decision to exonerate George Zimmerman.  Scot X spoke, as did Toni Harp and other members of the community.  It would have been more appropriate if we could have filmed something related at that point in time.  Juror 37B is setting the stage for a mistrial, particularly with what was released pertaining to her pre-trial statements.  These are things they knew about her before the trial even started.  For example, under pretrial questioning, she described the protests that took place in Sanford, Fla., after the shooting as "rioting."  Not only was there no damage or destruction to property during the initial protests, which would constitute rioting, it's the same type of preconceived notion (or misperceived notion) which led to the massive expectation that so-called riots were going to occur all around the country, which also never took place.

The judicial system should investigate the jury selection, and it might find evidence that this process was not conducted in the interest of a fair trial.  Evidence has already been reported on the news.  The Federal judicial system might also want to research the constitutional legality of "Stand Your Ground," as it pertains to this case, where it could be construed as unconstitutional, so I hope that these efforts will result in holding the Florida legal system accountable for what's clearly systemic double-standards (20 year sentence for warning shots fired, in a different case).

I think the march on Washington Aug 24 will help, but personally I would think that Obama and Eric Holder should take action and honestly I'd be surprised if they didn't.

Marches are planned for Washington, DC on August 24th.  Contact the NAACP New Haven to find out more information on how to be a part of that rally. In addition, a march is planned on Toads Place in anticipation of a Ted Nugent concert. Nugent wrote in online mag: "Mr. Zimmerman may have some legal room to move regarding a wrongful death lawsuit by Trayvon Martin’s family."  It was made clear that Nugent felt strongly that Zimmerman had every right to shoot and kill Martin.
That concert is August 6th.