Thursday, July 25, 2013

Boutique on Wheels

Ann Nyberg with Melissa's Sweater announcing Jim's Thing
Melissa Gonzales is all over the place, now that she has a converted airport transit unit.  Her mobile shop is on the road an average of all the time, thanks to the craftsmanship and handiwork of a certain barstool politician for Green Party, at times, Ralph Ferrucci (1:49)

Best quote:  "More funky than classic."

Stay tuned on her website as we develop a really awesome animated graphic so that will be slightly more exciting in a couple weeks.

Best reason to buy from the Mobile Vintage Shop?  It's so much better than buying from sweatshop labor.  "Why go out and buy mass produced and disposable pieces of clothing that are made in sweatshops in third world countries when you can recycle what we already have."

It's quite probable, with the expertise of the shop, that you will find something you like.