Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Photovoltaics in East Rock

Solar City Installs on Orange St.  (888)Sol-CIty
Laddervater in action.
East Rock.
SolarCity installers build a system on a house on Orange Street.  The panels will power the electrical for the home, and the money saved each month on the household utility bill will go towards repayment of the system.  Most systems pay for themselves in about 10 years.  

Many of the houses in East Rock have been around for decades.  This system will probably last 25 years.  The installers seemed competent and were wearing all proper safety equipment.  In place for use is a customized "laddervater" (ladder/elevator).  Because getting the panels onto the roof is most challenging without one.

Learn more about Solar Electricity at the educational resource page, LineLoad.Org